Solutions for your home bread baking.....go from good bread to fantastic bread! _______________________________________________________________________     

I have always loved good bread.

When I was a child I looked forward to those visits to Grandma's house because she ALWAYS seemed to be baking bread! It was amazing to watch as the basic simple ingredients of flour, water, and that mysterious stuff called yeast, were all mixed together and somehow transformed into bread. While Grandma was not what we would call an "Artisan Baker" by todays standards but her bread was totally unique to her. In the years since she has passed away no member of the family has been able to duplicate her results. 

My own attempts to reproduce a home baked loaf like hers is what caused me to start exploring the wonderful world of bread baking. The amount of history and diversity I discovered about this deceptively simple process and combination of ingredients surprised me. I'm now hopelessly
hooked on "sourdough", the flavorful fantastic bread that results from using wild yeast cultures. Starting With Sourdough came about as a way to contribute what I can to others out there like myself. So I've started a store where the home baker can find some things to help good bread go to great bread

I hope you'll be able to visit my STORE at
Here you will currently find French, Italian, New Zealand, Naples, Northern Italian Scandinavian Rye sourdough starters and a few others along with "Brotformen" proofing baskets. 
My hope is that over time Starting With Sourdough will continue to grow and I can offer more products and information. Who knows, with some luck I might actually profit from doing something I love. Of course we all dream of that. Whatever the outcome, I know that as I travel through life, the joy of baking and eating bread is found in the journey not the destination.

Good Baking!